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Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting

From SEK 499/h incl. RUT deduction
A Buddy will come and help you with the big and heavy stuff.

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Available in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund, Uppsala
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Our team will get back to you briefly with a tailor-made package. You do not commit to any purchase. Once you accept a quote, you accept BuddyCompany's Terms of Service.

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Our customer support team is always happy to help. We are available Monday through Friday from 9am till 5pm.

What our customers say about us

Jag är mycket nöjd. Kan varmt rekommendera.

Daniella, Stockholm

Supernöjd! Snabbt, smidigt och bekvämt. Kommer definitivt använda igen

Sofia, Göteborg

Fick jobbet gjort av en duktig kille, rekommenderas.

Max, Stockholm

Riktigt bra om man behöver snabb hjälp!

Astrid, Malmö

Använt mig av Buddy Company med datorhjälp och transport till Sophantering. Är mycket nöjd med dessa tjänster.

Linda, Lund

Trevliga och väldigt duktiga! Rekommenderar varmt. Har även anlitat dem för flytt.

Johan, Stockholm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum item weight for heavy lifting service?

For every task, you can contact our team directly to sort out specifics, such as the maximum weight our Buddies can help you move. If you need to move something particularly heavy, we recommend that you check with us before booking to make sure we can do it.

Can a Buddy help me with moving heavy furniture?

Yes! Heavy furniture is one of the most common things that people need to move, and we offer a specialized service to help you move your belongings from one address to another. Please consult our service moving help to learn more.

How can I cancel the service?

Full refund is possible depending on how much time is left until the requested assignment. If there are:
- less than 12 hours left, we will refund 75%
- less than 6 hours left, we will refund 50%
- less than 3 hours left, we will refund 25%
- less than 1 hour left, we will refund 10% of the customer's payment.