Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If we have not done everything in our power to make you happy and deliver the best service, we will not charge you.

We believe in accountability!

If any of this conditions apply, contact us to talk about your case and our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • If we can not complete the visit due to lack of knowledge.
  • If we are more than 2 hours late to the agreed time of the visit.
  • If the result of a completed visit was not what the customer expected
  • If the customer has had to wait more than 48 hours before customer support contacts the customer for confirmation. *

    * If our team has tried to reach the customer without a response, this condition does not apply.

This is how you can claim customer satisfaction guarantee:

The customer contacts the customer support team via e-mail, explains why they are not satisfied with their service, and refers to at least one of the above conditions. The email must be sent no later than one week after the invoice is received.

If our customer service considers that the complaint can be qualified under any of our conditions above, the customer does not have to pay the invoice and receives a 20% discount on the next booking as compensation.

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